Due to a lack of green

I am salivating far more than I like. Also it is making sleep near impossable
If I cut the drinking than I should be able to afford quantity
Rather be foggy than wobbly any day

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The end

Is in sight. Still much more to do but the light at the end of the tunnel is almost visable
Got much for good will but still think I’ve broken a few laws with what I’ve put in the trash.
Expired photographic chems are ok right? Oy.
When I’m done with the worst of the shit in this place recycling will begin full steam.
Sorry earth. I’ll make it up to you I swear

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Surrealist proportions
Legs longer than they should be
Ground closer
I punish you
You respond in kind
Thump tha-thump-a-dump-ump-mp
Have another smoke fucker
You love it
Thump tha-thump-a-dump-thump

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Thats right

Just drunk enough to intensify depression but not enough to pass out and hide from it. Tisk tisk. Should know better. All or nothing.

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Skipping beats

That is what my heart is doing right now. Over the last year my heart palpitations have been more frequent. Really it’s been getting worse since I had a mild heart attack 2 years ago but this year I’ve been having them almost every other day.
Being that I am only 29 I find the entire situation a touch disconcerting. I find myself worried that one day I may just not wake up, and my body will lay here in my bed for days before anyone notices. Probably not the case, but I have a fear of dying alone.
I’ve tried to use religion to aleave that fear but it’s just not there for me.
I was quite a spiritual person when I was young, still am in a way but not like I was, hell not even the same religion. I use to pray every night for years, I really believed, but it was like speaking to an empty room. God has never spoken to me, and that is why being alone bothers me so much.
If god doesn’t exist then all that matters is what you do in life.
I’m worried that mine will be cut short. I may just be a bit of a hypochondriach, I hope, but the nights laying in bed alone are the worst, no distractions tonight. No shows or movies, just my thoughts.

I don’t like them

I can’t sleep

I need a hug. A big lady hug. All encompasing.

Well there it is. All I got. I just want my head to turn off and shut the fuck up for a while.

Just let me sleep you bastard

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Creating a new living space

Totaly redoing the appartment.
Got much more space and much less crap.
I spent most of the day disassembling, moving & reassembling my bed and desk. There was also much picking up of garbage
If I put in another ten hour day I should have…. Half of what I want to do, done

Yup. Laundry. Grrr

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Should probably start demanding of myself what I demand of others

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A lil bit o’ chindogu

Here are a couple of unuseless items that could be considered “chindogu”…

First we have the 360 degree panoramic camera

Next the popular hay fever hat

Gotta love japan

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Iron & Wine

Not a bad show at all. The only disappointment would be that it was a solo show. I love the harmony but one man can’t harmonize with himself. Still a fantastic performance but… Love harmony.

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Oh it is. And it’s glorious.
I gotta find some leaves to crunch and kick through.
Enjoy the cool breeze.

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